Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding What Works

Now I had the curriculum that came to my door every month, now I needed to figure out how to drive this ship.  I am NOT a morning person, especially when I am up at odd hours during the night taking care of my little guy. My Preschooler IS a morning  person.  So when was the best time for school for us? 

When we started I tried the afternoon homeschool….. that did not work.  My child does not do her best learning in the afternoon.  She is not focused and gets tired and ONLY wants to do the fun stuff.  I just can’t jump out of bed and get going.  I also do not want or often am not able to get up an hour or two before my kids start their day. As I already said, I am NOT a morning person.  I know that some moms just do this and are able to function.  I am not one of them.  I had to learn that I needed to do what worked for me and not necessarily what I saw other moms doing, even if it seemed to work for them.

What works for us? We get up, and I get my girl eating her breakfast with one of her morning shows.  Dinosaur Train is a favorite around here.  I can decide what we watch because I have TIVO which is great for me.  Anyway, she eats and is engaged in something and I am able to get a good 30 minutes or so to just wake up.  My little guy is good with this schedule, and it works for us.  After my preschooler eats her breakfast, and I wake up -- we do school.  Depending on when my now 1 year old needs a nap, we may take a break and continue after naptime.  Sometimes, my girl can have stuff that she can do on her own, but she much prefers to have momma there when she is doing her school activities. 

A bonus that I found during this first year and having a newborn is that this was great momma and daughter time. Sure brother was around even with interruptions that are sure to happen, but this was HER time.  In a day when so much time and energy went to the new member of the family, this was guaranteed time that she got to have.

Another thing that we had to decide was where to homeschool.  Our first year we used the kitchen table.  This worked for us.  Although I am seeing that it may not continue to work for us.  Our kitchen table got overrun with papers, glue, scissors, and whatever else the homeschool day brought to our table.  I got a file holder to hold our supplies but I am quickly learning that I need more organization in that area.  Did I tell you I am not organized in my life right now??

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