Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finished Our First Year

Yesterday, we finished our first year of homeschool.  There were days that were so difficult that I wondered what I was doing and if I was doing it right.   EVERYDAY, I failed as SuperMom.  I failed as SuperMom because I was NEVER meant to be that lady.  I don’t know a mom out there that was designed to be that lady.  I am called to be Mom to MY 2 precious children.  I am a human and cannot do it all.  I forget this all the time!  I am learning and having to remind myself that I need to do my best in those areas that are high on my priority list, yet realize and accept that some things are just going to be left aside, and I will catch up on those things when I am able.  So even though personally I feel like I could have done better, I need a great deal of help with organization!  This has always been a part of my life that I have struggled. 

When I look at my daughter, I see how she has flourished.  I see a girl who would not pick up a crayon, a pencil and doodle is now drawing.  A girl who hated to color because it was not just perfect is now coloring and is very creative in her colors.  A girl that could write the letter M for her name is now writing her long name everyday!  This last week she read her first Bob Book.  She knows and has been exposed to all her letters and the sounds and is now putting them together.  She knows her shapes and colors.  She can she cut with her scissors, and she pastes like no ones business.

This makes me feel so good that I helped my daughter learn.  I was there to help her along when she was frustrated and didn’t want to try.  I was there when things started to click, and she got it.  I was there when she was not done learning about certain subjects, and we were able to learn a little more on those things.  I have learned so many things personally, and learned that I either didn’t know or just plain forgot them.  I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to teach my child.  I never thought I would be this mom, but I am so thankful that I am this mom and I get these opportunities.  I am thankful that I had a change of heart where homeschooling is concerned.  I know that I have been blessed and that my daughter has grown so much this year! 

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