Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Journey Into Homeschool–part 1

I am now on the journey of being a homeschool mom.  This comes as a great surprise for me because I thought I was going on the road traveled by most and go the public school route.  I just never really considered any other choice, because this was how I was schooled and how I just assumed I would school my children. 

Early in my marriage (I have been married almost 10 1/2 years) I stated adamantly that I would NEVER homeschool.  I just did not think that I could be a teacher to my child.  I also did not think that I could be a supermom like I would expect those that I have seen homeschool their children.  I could list a dozen or more reasons why I would NEVER EVER homeschool. 

So what changed?  Something had to have changed for me to be on this journey for just about a year.  I think that the change started happening the year before I was pregnant with my firstborn, spirited child.  I had seen how a poorly run public school worked and I was disgusted.  I don’t believe that every school was like the one that I had seen up close and personal.  But this particular school left a horrible taste in my mouth and outlook.  When I was pregnant with my beautiful firstborn I began to worry about school choices for her.  Yes, I am worrier and this was a bit premature to be so concerned about where my child would be schooled.  I began to find alternatives but realizing that for whatever reason those alternatives they just would not work for us. 

I remember having a conversation with a fellow mom on the playground before my firstborn started preschool about homeschool.  I stated I just don’t think that I can teach my daughter.  She gave me a puzzled look and said I have been teaching my daughter since the day she was born.  I had never thought of it this way.  I was just being a mom, I thought. She was right, I was equipped to teach my daughter but could I really teach her to read and write and do math and science which is my biggest fear. 

When my child was 3 1/2 I enrolled her in preschool.  This preschool had a great reputation and I thought it was the right choice for my girl.  I was wrong.  I was not wrong about this school being one of good reputation but I was wrong that this was the right choice for my girl.  When I enrolled her she was doodling and coloring a little bit.  She started resisting in a huge way.  Her teacher just did not fit who my child needed at that time. She did a ton of worksheets, expected that my child color in between the lines and write her name on the top right of the page.  My child was not that child.  There were some in her class that did well at this but mine, was not one of them.  My child at that time needed to do this perfectly, and when she knew that she could not, she would refuse.  The teacher pushed, and my child resisted. That is where my child stopped coloring.  I also saw a change in her personality when I would pick her up.  She was quiet and reserved, which was not my daughter.  I had seen her in other kinds of classes, and quiet and reserved is not one of her traits. 

My child was also getting sick ALL THE TIME and I was told on countless occasions that I should just suck it up because this is normal.  I disagreed.  I was also getting whatever sickness she brought home and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was also pregnant with my second child.  I decided that this was enough and decided that the best decision was just to pull her out of preschool.  Between the teacher not being a good fit and my child being sick this preschool thing was just not working for us. 

So this began my journey into homeschool.  But where do I begin to know what I am even doing?  How do I start?  What did I need to know?  And most of important of all, could I even do this??  Especially since I now had given birth to my second child. 

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