Saturday, June 25, 2011

Circle C Beginnings

I was a little overwhelmed looking at all that the vendors had to offer.  So I decided to just to look at a couple of booths and see what was out there.  In doing so, I stumbled across this one booth that had books with a little girl and a horse.  I was very interested.  My little girl is in love with horses!  And she is learning how to read.  I was looking for something that was longer than our normal picture books.  So I bought this book.  On our trip home from the conference, I read our very first chapter book of “Andi’s Pony Trouble.” This was a treasured find!

I love that the story centers around a little girl who is turning 6, and she just wants to be bigger...something that we can relate to at home.  My little girl who loves horses could relate to Andi’s desire to be bigger and wanting a real horse. 

One thing that I really appreciate about this author is that the experience does not end with the book.  If you go to her website, you will find FREE activities that go along with the book.  You can download and print coloring pages that are pictures that are taken directly out of the book.  I loved the experience so much I ordered the rest of the series. 
Here is a link to her website so you can check out the activities.

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