Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take a deep breath!

This week starts my daughter’s first week of swim lessons. I watch her as she remembers skills from the past and realize that it is for real now.  Take a deep breath and jump! 

Take a deep breath and jump is how I am feeling right now.  We have set some things in place with our trial year.  The year that I knew that if it didn’t work out that I could send her to kindergarten and there would be no harm. Now as I stare down the kindergarten year, I realize that this is for real!  It has always been for real, but somehow it is “More Real” now. 

Back in April, I went to my first ever homeschool conference.  I really needed to be there.  The Lord knew that I needed to be there.  I needed to be encouraged and reminded that I can do this, and I am equipped to do this.  I was reminded that there is NO supermom out there.  That we all struggle with different areas and we all need to take a deep breath.  If you have a homeschooling conference near you, I would highly suggest you attend.  There is something about being around like minded people to show you that you are not as alone as you think you are. 

I will tell you that going in to the vendor area is a little or rather a lot overwhelming!  I knew what I was looking for but, I am not sure that I really found it.  I know that my child learns better if she can do while learning.  So I found a lot of things that told me that this was not for her.  But really find something that worked for her.  I ended up with a curriculum that I have since found out that I will need to supplement it.  I think that I have found those areas that I can supplement it with. I felt like I made a wrong choice, but in the end I did okay.  I am also realizing why there are so many homeschooling parents out there that are eclectic and pull from different areas because not one place is going to give you everything you need for your child, because every child is unique. 
Right now, we are taking a break.  We will finish swim lessons and other fun summer activities and then we will jump into the deep end of the homeschooling water.  But we have been prepared and we will not sink.  Is it scary?  Yes it is!  But we will have fun and we will learn.  I will watch as my child blossoms in the environment in which I believe she is meant to learn in. 

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