Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kindergarten Officially Starts

Tomorrow we will start my little girl’s first day of Kindergarten.  This weekend, I had a little freak out moment where I wondered if I really could do this.  I got extremely stressed and had the thought, “Maybe I should enroll her in public school”.  Thankfully, my husband was there to talk me off that ledge and remind that I can do this and I have proved myself over and over again in the last year. 
So I have been writing my plan out for the week and getting things prepared.  Our homeschool room is functional although it is not fully cleaned out.  But we have made great strides and we can hold school in there tomorrow.  My little girl is so ready to start school I think she would have started today if I let her.  I am still not sure how our week will play out.  I am not sure what days we will do what but I am feeling less stressed today and know that tomorrow will be great! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am a keeper!  The room in my home that we so lovingly call the “office” has become a wreck.  We put a lot of work into it pre-kids but after kids it has turned into “just stuff it in the office” room. 

Our last homeschool year (pre-k) we did around the dining room table.  It was a nice big surface to cut and paste and to color.  But it also meant that it was not that suitable for when it came time to actually eat off the table come dinner time.  So I made the decision to move to the office.  It has a nice big desk that we worked on and created years ago.  The problem is that it is a wreck.  So we are now working towards making it useable for homeschool. 
I am excited about the move.  I am not excited about all the work that has to take place in order to make it work.  Especially on these weeks where my youngest is fighting naps when he so desperately needs them.  I know that the outcome will be so worth it.  I will even share a picture or two on how it turns out. 
So where do you land in your homeschool days.  Do you do it around the table like I did?  Do you have a special room?  Do you have all your supplies in some sort of closet and do homeschool anywhere in the house that suits your fancy? 
The one thing I like about the freedom of homeschool is that there is no right way to do it.  We all do things differently based on how it works best for our family.  I like that there are no right and wrong ways to homeschool as long as your child is learning and you are headed towards a goal. 

School Supplies

I have always LOVED the beginning of school because that meant all new school supplies.  I loved the smell of the new pencils and notebook paper and I just like school.  This week I put in an order for some new stuff for school that would supplement what we already have.  We now have science experiments, geography puzzles and math fun!  I do not know who is more excited right now, nerdy momma or ready to learn little girl.  It is fun to dream about what this new year is going to bring and how school is going to be different for my daughter than anything I ever experienced.  I am excited to see how my girl is ready to learn and would start tomorrow if her momma wasn’t so worn out from dance camp and swimming lessons.  I am also beginning to clean out our home office/junk room to make it workable for our classroom.  We are not ready to jump right in, but we both wish that we could. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Plan

I am realizing that before you buy a single homeschooling item, a plan is needed.  A goal of where you are heading needs to be thought out.  If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know what you need to buy?  A plan is needed, so you know how to reach your goal. 
This week I was talking to a mom who decided to homeschool her child after she volunteered in his kindergarten class.  This coming year, she will be sending this child and the younger sibling to public school. As I was listening to her, I realized that she did not know where she was headed or how to get there.  The result is that she is not sure if she reached her goal, and she didn't know if the homeschooled child is ready for 1st grade. 
Homeschooling is NOT easy.  However, I don’t believe that it has to be difficult either.  Homeschooling becomes difficult when we don’t know where we are going or how to get there.  Years ago, I worked with my church youth group.  The youth minister taught me that there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Meaning that if I researched enough, I could find curriculum for the youth that would meet our needs.  I feel the same way about homeschool.  There are tons of resources out there, and I just need to spend time to find what it is that I need in order to help me teach my child the skills she needs for her current grade level.  What I choose and what you choose will not look the same.  And that is the beauty of homeschool, we don’t have to choose the same thing for every child and parent.  But we do need to choose something.  We need a plan and the tools to help make those goals a reality.