Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supplies

I have always LOVED the beginning of school because that meant all new school supplies.  I loved the smell of the new pencils and notebook paper and I just like school.  This week I put in an order for some new stuff for school that would supplement what we already have.  We now have science experiments, geography puzzles and math fun!  I do not know who is more excited right now, nerdy momma or ready to learn little girl.  It is fun to dream about what this new year is going to bring and how school is going to be different for my daughter than anything I ever experienced.  I am excited to see how my girl is ready to learn and would start tomorrow if her momma wasn’t so worn out from dance camp and swimming lessons.  I am also beginning to clean out our home office/junk room to make it workable for our classroom.  We are not ready to jump right in, but we both wish that we could. 

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