Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Week in Review

This week was our first week of kindergarten.  I think that I would call it a success.  I posted our curriculum that we are using here.  We didn’t do everything that I ordered this week as we were easing into school and just trying to get down our routine. 
We jumped in with both feet into the My Father’s World curriculum. This week was all about the sun.  We saw how powerful the sun was.  We live in the desert so it is still pretty hot here.  We decided to use this powerful sun to make “Sun Tea”.  We used to Wild Berry herbal tea, which was the first real tea Mickey has ever drank.  She loved it.  She also made a painting of the sun.  She reviewed the letter “S” and the sound it makes.
My girl with her Sun Tea and pretty school dress

This week we also started using Ready2Read.  I LOVE this program and I can’t believe that it is free.  This week has been a review for us.  We have already been working on the “at” and “an” family.  Annie Moffatt has her lesson plans set up to complete a Unit in a week.  With my girl we are taking it at a slower pace because I want to make sure she gets it.  We made the mini book of the “at” family words.  My girl loved this and was proudly added this to the list of books that she can now read.  She also read book 1 and 2 of Bob Books.  I am loving seeing her learn to read. 
Our word caterpillar who my girl named “Mrs. Dewey”
Math was also something that we jumped into this week. We used her workbook and the first few pages were review.  After the first few pages, we ended up in material that is still fairly new for her.  She had to link up dominoes in column 1 with dominoes in column 2 to make a number like 3 or 4.  She had a difficult time with this.  However, when we took out our learning bears that have different number of hearts on their tummy, she did well at this activity.  I saw first hand how hands on my girl is.  We also did addition with the inchimals.  She loves this Math game!
She also made the lower case letter “a”. We are finishing up our alphabet book from preschool.  I had expected to do a letter a day, however, we only did one letter this week.  I am okay with that. 
Holding up her lowercase “a” turned into an apple.  Also sporting her new school hairdo.
Gotta love her sense of style. 
We did not get into science or Spanish this week.  We are still trying to figure out how our set up is working for us.  I am still needing to clean out part of the office to make more of a play area for my 15 month old little guy.  His favorite part of the day is our storytime.  He has always loved storytime.  So we make sure we do books that both big sister and little brother have books that they will enjoy.  Big sister is enjoying teaching new songs to brother.  He loves watching her sing and likes to feel included. 

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