Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to do with Baby Brother?

This year we moved our homeschool room into our office.  This is working out great so far. At least the first 2 days this has been the case.  I should clarify it is working out great for Big Sister and also for limiting our homeschool supplies all in one room. 
Baby Brother who is 15 months in a few days is having a more difficult transition.  I have moved some of his toys in the office.  I still need to clear out some things and figure out how to make a play section in there that will keep brother occupied.  The living room is his regular domain and where he prefers to hang out.  Moving to the office has created a challenge of how to handle little brother while we are doing school. 
I am trying to involve him as much as possible.  He has always loved story time.  Since this is kindergarten we have a dedicated story time during our regular scheduled home school time.  We are singing songs.  I need to expand our in our singing time.  We read books that my girl loves and that are part of our curriculum.  We also include those favorite board books that my little guy loves and my girl “pretends” to read.  This is working out for us.  But what do I do with him during our other times during school.  Especially those times that she needs dedicated time to get a new concept?  So if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.  If you have solutions on how you handle a little one who is not ready for “school” and needs constant attention; I would love to hear how handle this situation. 
When I figure out a solution that works for us, I will share that with you!

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