Monday, September 12, 2011

Check In

My girl is in full swing of kindergarten. I can’t believe that we are already mid-September and we started Kinder the beginning of August.  We seem to have gotten into our groove.  All the worries that I had before of not being able to teach her have went out the window.  There are rough days and days that I wonder if I am doing things right.  I think that is normal and I think that every parent and homeschool teacher has those same thoughts from time to time. 
We had to make a few adjustments.  The first was when we did Math.  I was saving it to later in our day.  This did not work.  I was getting comments like “My head hurts when I do math”.  I did not want her to have a bad feeling with math so early on. I actually really, really enjoyed math while I was in school.  So I made a change and we are doing math first thing in our day.  This one change has made all the difference.  Right now, the main struggle she has is actually little to do with math and more to do with writing.  Writing has never been a strong suit and she continues to make progress there. 
Reading is going well.  We are enjoying Ready2Read by Annie Moffatt.  I think that she does a good job blending sight words and phonics in a way that my girl who is right brain gets it.  Annie Moffatt has many, many hands on activities that do well with my very hands on little girl.  I never knew that you could be hands on with reading.  She gets to make her own little books for the different family words and then read them.  So good for growing the confidence of young readers.  Saturday, my girl read her first book from the library!  Such a proud moment! 
Science is her favorite subject.  She gets to be her investigative self.  She looks forward to this part of the week.  She losses all her inhibitions and doesn’t worry about always having to be right.  I love this.  So far we have cleaned a penny with lemon juice and mixed primary colors.  Of course, she did not need her safety goggles but she wore them anyway. 
Spanish and Social studies are still trying to find a home in our day.  We are doing Spanish but not as regularly as I would like.  Social studies is still in need of some work. 
My Father’s World is working okay. At times I think that it is not as much as I would like.  I am still working with it to see how we can make it successful. 

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