Thursday, September 1, 2011

Explora Museum

We only stayed in Albuquerque a short time before we were to head further north.  We decided that we wanted to try out the Explora! museum.  We went for my girl’s 3rd birthday and we wanted to see how she had changed and grown up.  I remember that we had to explain a lot to her and help her do things at the museum.  This time she jumped in with both feet and had a grand ol’ time.  My boy had a little fun too.  It was a great family day. 
My boy could of stayed at this exhibit forever.  It was running water.  The goal was for older kids to see how they could change the flow of water.  He was having a blast splashing. 
He also enjoyed catching the balls as they flowed by.  He got pretty good at it.
Fun with air.  My girl made the “helicopters” to play with air. 
Everyone needs to put their face in the air a time or two, right?
Her favorite color ball, Yellow!
My boy in the toddler room.  He had fun chasing a ball all over. 
This is a huge elevator!  It had these chairs and even a couch in their.  It was comfy!
Taking time out for a stroll. 
Playing with sound.  So much fun. 
I think she was in heaven!  She loves bubbles and how can you beat these huge bubbles?
Grammie time. Grammie wanted to solve the puzzle.  My girl had other plans. 
She was going to make a cake.Guess who won??
My girl.  How can she be a kindergartener already??

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  1. Explora is the best!!! Its great for all ages, my husband and teenage daughter have as much fun as the younger kids.