Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progress and Frustrations

How do I measure our progress and whether it was a good homeschool day or not?  I am still trying to figure that out.    I see how much my girl is learning and I am excited.  I see her progress even when I am not sure that she sees it. Today, we took out the flash cards that she has made in her reading time and counted up the words that she now knows.  These were just the sight words and not the family words that she also knows.  She is up to 15 words.  We cheered and were excited about it.  Today we also did not take out our math workbook.  We took out her favorite “Inchimals”.  We worked on addition.  Then we worked on adding the number 1 to the other numbers or animals,  She loves this and it was showing me how much she knows even though she did not need a pencil in her hand. 
We took breaks and silly breaks in between and it seemed to help.  This is much better than going into one right after another.  She even took a snack break.  She is very into apples these days.  She is on a mission to find her favorite one.  Currently golden delicious is winning as her favorite. 
Writing has also been the struggle part of the day for us.  She has that mindset that she needs to do it perfect the first time.  Even though I have yet to meet that person who does everything perfect that first time.  She also has that mindset that her way is the right way.  I thought today, that we would not do any writing except for our handwriting without tears lesson.  I thought if we did not do it in other areas that it would mean that this area would be easier.  It did not turn out that way.  Maybe, I need to put writing in the beginning on the school day, so she is fresh?

Maybe, what is done at the beginning changes due to what we are struggling with?  I don’t know how to make writing fun for her.  Right, now even though most of the areas of school were a success, writing portion of the day was just a bust.  There was frustration on both our parts today.  I don’t feel good about it.  So what and how do I change so that she succeeds in this area? 

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