Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ant Farm Update

It appears that I did not goof when putting the ants in the habitat.  Yay!  I can breathe now.  Except for the fact that I have ants in my house, voluntarily.  Well at least they are in a place where they won’t bite me.  I hope.  I have been asked where I got our farm.  My particular one I got when I bought the curriculum “My Father’s World”.  We also got a butterfly garden (which I am  looking forward to).  However, I knew that one can get the ant hill farm on it’s own.  So I did some searching (not much) and found the direct source.  You can also buy it from amazon if you so choose to do so. 
The company is Insect Lore and you can find them at .  They have the ant farm, the butterfly garden and a Lady Bug Land.  The lady bug land is something that we just might have to do.  I like lady bugs a lot more than ants!  Oh and they also have an earthworm nursery.  I might just skip that one… but who knows when it comes to my girl. 

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