Saturday, October 1, 2011

Change of Math Curriculum

imageI have be willing to change when things are not working.  Just because I have bought something does not mean that it will be the best thing for us to use.  In my research on what reading program I should use after we ended the Ready2Read program, I stumbled onto a math program.  The workbook we were using was good but left out some hands on tools to really bring home the concepts better.  The program I found was McRuffy Math.  I ordered and started using it the day after it arrived to our home.  WE LOVE IT!!!!  The best review was when my girl said “Momma, I like Math now, it is NOT BORING anymore.”  She looks forward to doing math everyday.  It is hands on and fun. 
There is a teacher’s manual, a workbook for the student, a resource kit and lots of hands on manipulatives.  It is taking things at a pace that my girl can handle and she looks forward to it.  She often wants to continue to work on it long after the lessons are over.  Darn a kid that wants to continue learning.  Smile  I love it because it has taken away the fear of “Doing it wrong” and just the plain ol’ fun of learning.  It also gives me, the teacher great guidelines on how to teach a lesson.  It even tells me what to say!  So if you are looking for a good hands on math curriculum, this one is a great one to look into. 

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