Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I was reminded yesterday that as a homeschooling family, flexibility is a must.  I am a person who thrives when there is a plan.  I don’t like flying by the seat of my pants.  I hate “winging” it.  I like knowing what is up ahead.  Then life throws me a curve ball.  Most of the time those curve balls are not a big deal. But I can make them into a BIGGER deal that they need to be because I stress about it not being in the plan.  Being a mom means that there is so much you do with your children that is not part of the plan. 
I had a choice to make yesterday.  We had planned to do an ant farm in our homeschool schedule.  Just NOT this week.  This week was supposed to be sea creatures.  Last time I checked ants don’t live in the sea.  However, my ants arrived in the mail late Monday.  So that meant that I had to get those pesky and oh so creepy ants in their farm before I killed them. Which also meant that we needed to change our course this week.  After I had already planned the week.  Is it a big deal?  Nope.  But it can cause me stress when I think about things not going according to ‘my” plan. 
After a few stressful moments, I realized that I just needed to change.  It wasn’t a big deal and flying by the seat of my pants was going to have to be ok.  Now if I can just remember to do that when the Bigger things in life require that I change my plans and listen to the Lord telling me.  “It is okay if you life plans change, because I am right here with you.  Even if you can’t see me, I AM here.” 
The Lord has reassured me time and time again that even though homeschooling was never in my plan and truthfully very far from what I ever thought I be in my plan.  I now can’t imagine doing things any differently.  I am exactly where I need to be.  But this would have never had happened if I didn’t listen and realize that I needed to bend and be flexible and to think differently that I ever had before. 
What areas in life do you need a little flexibility?  Are you like me and need that plan?  What happens when life doesn’t happen according to your plan?

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