Thursday, October 6, 2011

Science Makes My Brain Feel Smart

My girl loves her science days.  Yesterday was a fun one.  The science experiment was what happens to raisins when they are put into soda.  The answer is that the dance in the bubbles.  The carbon dioxide in the soda makes the fizz and the bubbles that we see in the soda.  Those bubbles carry the raisins up and as the bubbles pop the raisins fall and get caught up in another bubble.  How fun this was to watch.  We will do this one again when Daddy comes home and let him see the fun we had! 
This is a project to do if you have little ones in your house. It was easy and fun to watch.  Also my girl loves eating raisins.  Her quotes from today
“Science makes my brain feel smart” and “science was yummy today.” 

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