Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrating Reading

On Friday, we had a day that was all about celebrating Mickey’s accomplishments in school with reading. 
First we headed off to the library.  This was a big day.  A day where she would be able to get her library card.  At our library a child can get their library card if they are able to write their first and name on the back of the card.  Mickey worked really hard on her name and had the goal of getting her library card.  She filled in her name like she has been writing her name for a long time. We searched for some library books and checked them out all by herself.  This was such a big day!
After the library we headed off to Pizza Hut.  They have the Book It program and I learned in August that this program was also offered to homeschool students too!  So I got our homeschool registered and they sent me all their information and supplies in September.  October was the first official month.  Every time Mickey read a book (one of the short ones that she is working on) we put a sticker on her chart.  Once she filled her chart she earned her first personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut. 
Mickey ordered her favorite pizza, a cheese pizza.  The amazing thing for this momma is that she ate the Whole thing.  My girl does not eat the whole thing of anything willingly.  But this pizza she ate every last bite.  I am not sure if she just liked that pizza more than any other pizza or if the fact that she worked hard to earn this pizza made it taste that much better.  Either way, this momma is not complaining! 
It was fun to take time and celebrate the accomplishments that she has made in so short amount of time in school.  It was a fun day! One that I will remember for a long, long time. 

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