Thursday, November 3, 2011

Water Experiments

I found two experiments that I want to try with my little scientist aka my kindergartener.  I found this page with water experiments, from  I have a feeling I am going to visiting this site some more in the future.
Idea #1
Surface Tension -  Starting with putting water on top of penny.  They had this very neat video on the site that just makes me think that this could be FUN.  (I think that this is #2 on the list)

Idea #2
Mix together cornstarch and water.  Is it a solid or a liquid.  Again there was this neat video on the site that they shared.  Here is a guy that can walk on custard.  Now I am probably going to post this and go see if I can make a mess with this in my kitchen.  If we survive, I will post and let you know how the experiment went. 

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