Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elephant Week

This week was the week of elephants.  We had lots of fun.  Here are the crafts that we did this week.  I am so thankful for those art craft ideas that are out there on different sites.  They make my life so much easier. 
Elephant #1  -- The Handprint Elephant
This was a very cute idea.  However, my girl is not one for dirty hands.  She has some issues with getting her hand in paint.  It just doesn’t end well.  So we made modifications to this and made it Mickey’s own.  I am not sure if it came out looking anything like an elephant.  But everything with glitter makes her day a good one.

She has a tree on the side because Elephants are herbivores.  If you use your imagination hats you can see the elephant.  Winking smile 
Craft #2  Toilet Paper Roll Elephant
DLTK site has a lot of ideas on so many different animals.  I am loving this site.  This is a super cute elephant.  I think we must have downloaded a different pattern.  But again, anything with glitter is a good day. I think we used glitter everyday but today. 

Elephant #3 Elephant Shapes  This one was a simple cut out of shapes and paste together.  Mickey took it a step further and added her glitter. 
Craft #4  Elephant Mask 
This one is one that Mickey looked forward to all week to do.  She loved it and has been playing with it throughout the day today.  It was simple but lots of enjoyment!  Again it was from the DTLK site…  This site provides printouts that you use.  Love it! 
Here is Mickey displaying her mask!
This week has been good in the areas of school.  She is doing really well at reading. I think that we may up her lessons next week and see if picking up the pace will be good for her.  In math this week we were focused on counting by 10’s.  This is something that she is very good at so the week was a bit of review for her.  However, I think that she finally got the concept that dimes are 10’s.
I think that tomorrow we are going to try out a homeschool group.  This is a new group and we figure it was a good one to try out.  Thankfully Daddy will have Nate so that we can see if it is something that Nate can attend too. 

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