Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Horse Week

Last week was horse week.  We did crafts and read short stories on horses.  My daughter loves horses and had a blast this week.  I am learning that I need to do extra planning to make sure we get fun crafts into our schedule. I am not the crafty person my nature.  I don’t mind doing them but I don’t come up with them on my own.  Thankful for the internet, for pinterest and those crafty people that share their ideas with homeschooling moms like me.  I like how my girl takes the art projects and make them her own.  She chooses her own way to make these crafts and they are truly uniquely her.  I know that is how art should be but sometimes with a color in the lines, rule following momma like me I have to remind myself that it okay to let your girl be free in her expression. 
Craft #1 – Horse out of a toilet paper roll.  Very cute and very easy! 
image is where I found this craft.  She has a printable available so you can make either a girl horse or the horse above.  My girl loves this one!  Very cute.  Our horse has been keeping us company this week. 
Here is Mickey with hers

Craft #2 – Horse made from a footprint. 

I found this craft at this website .  Very cute and very easy.  Here is Mickey with hers footprint horse.  See what I mean about making it her own??

Making it a point to add in art has been a great thing for my artist Mickey.  I finding a lot of crafts and will be sharing the sites that are most helpful to me as well as sharing the crafts that Mickey enjoys the most. Our next theme is elephant.  I never knew there were so many elephant crafts out there.  

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