Friday, March 16, 2012

Completed Kindergarten Reading!!!

My girl, Mickey has worked hard learning her reading.  In the Fall we switched gears and started using McRuffy reading and Math.  Mickey took it great and it has worked for us.  Today she completed her last assignment and last book of her reading!  I am so proud of her.  She is proud of her accomplishment and we are celebrating it!

I have loved working with the McRuffy curriculum.  It comes with readers for each week’s lesson and a workbook.  When we started this journey Mickey was not writing very well.  It was a struggle for us.  I am excited to say that today she is writing and pretty good for her age.  She is confident enough with her writing to start making it suit her creative mind.  There are days she makes the letters with smiley faces on every letter and some days where she makes them look like clouds.  She is also coloring a lot more in her coloring books and she is coloring in the lines and making lots of different colors.  I have to remember that this was a girl that refused to write or color because it was not perfect.  She has come a long way and I am very excited to continue this journey! 
Mickey finishing up her very last assessment. 
This is how fun it is to homeschool,
you can wear a mask that just so happens to match with your dress.  Smile 
So excited to hold up the completed workbooks and all the books that she had read!  Since the last week of September. 
Isn’t that a great accomplishment!!
My creative girl.  This is how she wanted to pose for her
”I finished Kindergarten Reading!”  She is my little dancer!

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