Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cowboy Week

We continued on working on our theme for the week of Cowboys or in my daughter’s case Cowgirls.  I am learning to take one day at a time and even if the plan doesn’t come together as the picture in my head it is okay.  We had fun and most important Mickey felt that the week was a great way to prepare for Cowboy Days tomorrow at our local museum. 

When we started the week, I had no intention on making a book of Cowboys.  However, sometime this week we started putting our pages together and today we ended up with a pretty cool book for her to share. I think that sometimes when we let the creativity take the lead it ends up better than what was in our heads to start with. 


This was an idea that we used from Busy Bee Kids Crafts, the Sunset Cowboys.  This craft we had to adapt a bit.  You use a coffee filter for the sunset part.  You are supposed to use water and food coloring to create the sunset.  The one area that made me go a different direction is “will stain fingers and clothes”.  Ummm, no this would not work for my girl.  She is extra sensitive to things staining her fingers.  She does not like to get dirty.  The other thing is I had to go searching for a image that was of a cowgirl and not a cowboy.  I found this one and I think that it works. 


This was an idea for President’s day about President Lincoln.  But I used it for what cowboys used to live in.  The idea was from Teaching Tiny Tots.  Again, Mickey took it and added in her own mark on it.  We also decorated a boot this week.  And they are all in her book to keep and share with others. 


No day is complete in my neck of the woods without some drama from my little man.  He wanted to color with markers too.  I thought, “why not? he is on my lap.  What could possibly go wrong?”  Yeah, do you see his green mouth?  Yes, he bit off the tip of the maker instead of coloring with it.  No more markers for this little guy. 

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