Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Know your limits

In life there are just some days that just don’t go as right as they could or as you want or need them to.  Everything is a struggle and you feel that you are getting to the end of your rope.  It is okay to end your schooling day early.
Today, ending our school day was the best for everyone involved.  My son has entered the terrible twos right on time well before his two year birthday.  I am not sure what it was today but he was having a bad day and this bad was affecting everyone involved.  I was growing tired of fighting him and I was either fighting him or he was crying because he didn’t get his way. 
My daughter’s school time was just being short changed.  So when it was time to go onto math, I changed directions.  I went to creative time.  Today, Mickey made her own “brand” and colored a cowboy.  We are putting it into a book.  I got to be away from the table and that made my boy happy.  I decided skipping math today was the best option available.  My son now has his momma, my girl doesn’t have to learn in a tense environment and mom did not lose her cool.  Because let’s face it, no one does well when mom loses her cool. 

It is okay if we don’t complete everything on our plan for that day.  We will get it done, just not right now.  And isn’t that the beauty of doing school at home?  We are not tied to a schedule.  We can adjust to suit the needs of everyone involved.  This is a huge benefit of homeschooling. 

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