Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I like the Most about Homeschooling

I read a lot of blogs about homeschooling.  It makes me feel part of a community.  I read this post from Heart of the Matter asking the question what do the readers like the most about homeschooling.  The author shared their own list and I thought I would share my list. 
  1. I love being able to teach my daughter how to read.  This was something that I was most afraid of.  I was afraid because during all the moves I made as a kid I missed out on learning phonics.  I am a sight reader and often it is a roadblock for me.  So my daughter is learning to read by phonics and I am learning phonics as I teach her.  I love it! 
  2. I like the immediate feedback that it can provide my daughter. We don’t have to wait until she has completed an assignment to see if she has grasped the concept. 
  3. I like the smile on her face when she learns how to read and write a name that is so familiar to her.  The biggest thing here is the names of loved ones.
  4. Working on a pace that works for my daughter.  There are some concepts that take her a while to get while other concepts just click.  We can go as fast or as slow as she needs. 
  5. I like that my daughter gets adequate rest.  We don’t have to wake up at 6 in the morning to get her ready to leave for school at 7 to start school at 8. 
  6. We get to focus on subjects that really make her light up.  My daughter is an animal lover.  So every week along with our reading and math we focus on a particular animal.  We have theme weeks where we learn about so many animals. 
  7. I like that as my daughter stays home for school she is also developing a relationship with her brother.  He is just under 2 and I see a bond developing between them that is enhanced by the time that they spend together during the day. 
  8. I LOVE that my daughter is not coming home sick every other week.  My daughter has a way of picking up those nasty germs from her friends.  She is still exposed from her extra activities during the week but not as much as being in a classroom all day.
  9. I like how she is able to learn the way that she needs rather that whatever way works for the good of the whole classroom.  Sometimes she needs quiet but more often a song to remember a concept or a hands on activity it required to fully grasp the concept. 
  10. I like how learning Bible verses is part of our day.  I like how she sings verses that she learned months ago as she plays. 
  11. I like how I am not spending extra time and money driving back and forth to school. 
The list probably could go on and on.  I am sure there are things on the other list … “The things I don’t like about homeschooling”, but the things on this list far outweigh that list.  Who knew that the lady who was so against homeschooling would love it so much?  I keep looking at this decision and am so happy that this is working out and is the best for our family right now. I am thankful that this is something that I am able to do and could not be more pleased with our decision to homeschool.   

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