Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CAPE Homeschool Convention

I am thankful that I attended the homeschool convention in my home state.  I wasn’t sure that I needed to go this year.  I had the core of my curriculum planned for next year and just needed a few things to complete it.  I wasn’t a newbie this year so I wasn’t sure what I was going to need to go and listen to this year.  My husband told me that he thought I needed to go and he was going to make sure that it happened.  So I registered and off we went. 
I think that one of the key things that I kept hearing over and over again is that we are in a season.  Right now with a little one and a young homeschooler things can get a bit crazy in my house.  My house is often on the messier side of things.  But my children are not going to be little forever and I need to be reminded to enjoy them being little.  This is just a season and I need to enjoy it because like the song goes I’m “gonna miss this”. 
One of the helpful techniques I learned is about how to include my little guy in more school during the day.  I went to a session on how to teach multi levels.  The helpful hint was to start off the day together.  Use the beginning of the school day as the time when you read stories, do your daily devotional time or do your “circle time” with songs.  Anything where your little one can be fully involved.  It was said that when they are included in the beginning that they are more willing to let you focus some of your attention on the bigger kiddos and they can play.  Sometimes all they need to feel included is to sit on your lap.  I have found this to be true with my little guy.  So I learned something that I was doing right and something that I could use to help make the day go smoother. 
I am still processing all the other stuff I learned at the conference.  I will continue to share as I continue to process. 

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