Friday, May 25, 2012

Learning on Summer break

We are “officially” on summer break.  However, that does not mean that the fun of learning stops.  Actually we continued on learning and exploring, just in a less structured way. 
We had our butterfly experiment to continue on with.  This was a lot of fun for both of my kiddos.  We ordered our larva (caterpillars) and watched as they ate and formed their chrysalis.  Then the really fun part of watching them emerge and become a butterfly.  My kids were very happy with the butterflies and would spend lots of time looking at them and just enjoying the wonder of God’s creation.  We then released them and it was fun and little sad to watch them fly away. 
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Mickey has also enjoyed some computer time to play some educational games on the computer from  This has been a nice review and she is having lots of fun.  We have also been in the process of ending the various activities that Mickey has been involved in.  Last weekend, Mickey had her Awana award ceremony that I will tell you all about.  She finished both her regular book and the extra credit book. Tonight will be her dance recital.  She loves being on stage so she has been looking forward to it all year long.  Then next week we have a week of rest.  No planned activities.  But this is only for a week then we start back up with the summer activities of dance camp and swim lessons. 
Just because it is summer “Break” does not mean that we are not busy with fun stuff and learning.  What are your summer plans? 

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