Thursday, July 26, 2012

Make up your own game

One of the biggest things that I have to learn being a homeschool mom is I don’t always have to follow the rules.  It is part of my make up to want to know the “rules” and seek to follow them, no matter the cost.  My husband wants to know the rules but he knows that he doesn’t always have to follow them.  Yes, that makes for an interesting times in my house. 

Sometimes when it comes to our daily lives in homeschooling it pays not to follow the rules.  Example one is in the area of reading.  Mickey is struggling.  It is not because she doesn’t know how to sound out the words.  It has more to do with a confidence issue.  She has told herself that it is too hard.  She has failed before she has even opened up a reader.  I know that she can do it, but my confidence in her just isn’t going to cut it.  I had it in my head that we should continue on… fighting the resistance and trudge forward.  My husband had a different idea.  Go back to what she knows, read the books she has mastered already.  What?!  Don’t follow the plan? the rules? change course?  This is not in my nature.  But I have done it. We have taken a break from the plan and have been building up her confidence in herself. I think that it is working.  _MG_8579_MG_8588

Another example happened this week. We have been studying the Olympics and one of the activities we were doing had to do with making a game.  We cut out paper plates to make rings.  Then Mickey spent the last couple of days painting the rings. She has loved this.  Today, was time to play the game.  The game was a simple ring toss.  The plan was going well until it was not working for us.  Mickey decided “let’s make a new game”.  Momma had to stop and think and say YES.  Yes, to not following the rules.  Yes, to changing course.  I had to tell myself that “it is okay to make up your own game”.  You know what happened??  We had a lot of fun.  I don’t think that this new game had any rules but fun was had. It was the right choice

  _MG_8617 _MG_8603 _MG_8596

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