Friday, July 27, 2012

Moments to Remember

Moments to remember

This week was filled with lots of Olympic learning.  This was really fun to learn some fun new things that I never knew before.  This was also filled with lots of play between my 2 silly kiddos.  My son, likes to fetch like a dog.  I don’t know why.  But it is one of his favorite games.  Mickey loves to play with a toy that launches this round thing in the air. She doesn’t have to go get it because brother is right there fetching the whole time. 


Also on Sunday, Mickey went to do a “photo shoot”.  We have a friend, name Cat that has a booth at the Farmer’s Market that we go to almost every week.  We love her stuff.  She made lots of stuff for Mickey’s room and we have enjoyed getting to know her through the years.  I was happy to hear recently that Cat opened up an Etsy store and a facebook page for Enchanted Fairy Land.  She is hosting photo shoots with a local photographer to showcase her product.  Last Sunday, Mickey was one of the girls that attended the shoot.  She even got her hair curled for the occasion.  I think that we will be curling her hair more often. We are waiting on the photographer to work his magic on the photos.  Once I am able to show you how beautiful my girl was that night I will.  Until then you can see the “before” picture.  


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