Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Torch

We started our Summer Olympic unit study yesterday.  Mickey is really getting into learning about the Olympics and making a notebook to go along with her learning.  She is a very hands on learner so the notebook is right up her alley.  Today we learned about the Olympic Torch relay route. We made our own torches.  I think that it might have been better with a paper towel roll but we didn’t have them so we used the toilet paper rolls. 


These were really easy to make.  We took the construction paper to cover the toilet paper rolls.  We glued it to the roll.  Then we cut out red, yellow and orange flames.  We glued them on the inside of the rolls.  Very easy to make. 

Here is Mickey showing off her torch.  I think that she is prepared to watch the games start. 


If you would like to see the route that the torch is taking this year.  Click on over to this site.

Here is a site that has pictures of past lighting of the cauldron.

Here is a site that has pictures of the current relay going on in England.

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