Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Biggest Challenge

What is your biggest challenge in your homeschooling day?  Math?  Science?  A reluctant learner?  Today, my biggest challenge was this little guy. 


My little guy Nate is my baby.  He is a curious little guy that loves to be involved.  As you can tell from the picture above that he takes his work seriously. 

He had a great night of sleep.  Which means that I did too.  Sleep is not always something we get a lot of.  Some reason today, this little guy woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  He has been grumpy since he woke up this morning.  Nothing was making him happy today. 

Thankfully he liked an app on my tablet which made him content for a little bit.  Peekaboo Safari deluxe helped save the day, today. The animals are behind the jungle and Nate gets to tap the animal and the animal makes the sound and comes out of hiding.   He was able to sit on my lap and find the animals.  This kept him entertained long enough so we could finish Math. 

Science time came around and he was able to be involved.  We are doing our Chemistry book.  Today’s experiment was observing the differences of different things such as a cracker, cotton ball, pencil, and a chocolate chip.  Nate was able to have his own items.  His favorite was the chocolate chips.  Mickey wrote and drew her observations down.  Nate just ate his stuff. But he was happy for the moment. 

This momma is tired.  I think that I need a nap.  Maybe while Nate takes one?  Maybe.

What is your biggest challenge during your homeschooling day?

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