Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where we do school

Not Back to School Blog HopI am linking up with the NOT back to school blog hop.  This week the theme is where we do school.  In our family, where we do school is an ever changing experience for us.  Last year we started off in our office.  It was nice to go in there and have a contained room where Nate could play and we could do school.  And most importantly, the mess from school was contained.  However, sometime during the later months of the school year we moved out of there back to the dining room table.  Nate was feeling stuck in there, so we moved.

Although I feel like the room is still a better fit for my girl it is not for my boy.  Right now, the room is a wreck.  I need to do some major decluttering.  When we moved out of there we kept putting boxes that I was packing up and that room was the easiest place to put it all. Have you ever had that happen to you??  Yes, I need to clean out that room.  But until then our table is where school happens.  At least where the work that needs a table to write on. 


Mickey has her workspace.  I can sit besides her and help her.  I have a plastic box on a chair that keeps most of the mess in while we are not officially in school.  Nate gets to come and join as he pleases.  Play in an area that he is fully comfortable with.  If I need to I can put on a show for him to watch and dance to.  Because let’s face it his sole purpose right now is to watch a show that has music so he can rock out with his toy guitar. 



I have seen homeschooling families do school in a dedicated room, at the table, on the couch, outside, in the van, in the kitchen.  Learning can be done anywhere and is usually done everywhere.  There is no right place to do school.  Just because you do school one way and I do it a different way that just makes us different not right.  I suspect that we will eventually back to the office with some adjustments.  But whatever we choose it will be the right decision for my family. 


So where does learning occur in your family??

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