Monday, September 10, 2012

My Tender Hearted Little girl

I have the honor and privilege to be the parent of a pretty amazing, kind hearted girl.  She loves deeply. Sometimes her love for others catches me off guard when I least expect it.  Last week we had one of those days. 
We were reading in the her social studies book about some of the freedoms we have as Americans.  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of the Press.  We discussed that the freedoms that we have her in the United States is a special thing that not all countries have these same Freedoms.  The next thing I knew is that my girl had huge tears in her eyes.  We got on the topic of voting for the who we believe can serve as the best President.  This was a very simple discussion.  We talked how voting in general helps us keep our freedoms.  She caught the fever and wanted to go out and vote right then.  I had to break it to her that she was not yet old enough to vote.  She still had those tears in her eyes.  I had to explain that as her parents we vote for her best interest. 

My girl was truly upset that not all people had the same freedoms as she does.  She was hurting for them.  She also wanted to make sure she continued to have her freedoms.  She was genuine in her desire to vote and to help those that did not have those same freedoms as she does.  I need to be like my girl.  My heart needs to break like her does when I hear of people hurting not only in other countries but my own.  I need to be so thankful for my vote that I see it as important as this little girl did.  I need to follow her example.  Especially in day, that I can’t get through a day without one side or the other claiming something negative about each other. 

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