Friday, September 28, 2012

Taking a Break

break-imageLast spring when I went to the homeschooling conference, I heard a lot about a modified schedule.  I heard different ideas where you school 6 weeks and take off 1 week.  Another idea was to do school 8 weeks and take off a 1 week.  These ideas make sure that there is built in time so you can  get caught up or just to rest.  It is more of a year round teaching schedule. This sounded like a great idea to me.  We started school in July and we have been going strong.  There was never a time when I thought we just needed a break. 

Then last week my mom planned a trip down to see us.  I thought it was a great idea to take a break.  I didn’t plan on taking the whole week off but it has been really nice to have a break.  We have been doing school for 10 weeks.  I think a break is a good thing. I think that when we get back to our normal school schedule next week that we will be renewed. 

How do you schedule breaks in your school year?  Do you follow the public schools?  Do you do a 6 weeks on and 1 week off schedule?  Or do you take breaks when you need it or something comes up? 

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