Thursday, November 1, 2012


My girl is only in first grade.  So we don’t focus on grades.  My girl is also has a bit of a perfectionist.  She does well until she knows that there is a test and then she freaks out and worries about missing an answer.  So as a rule we don’t focus on grades but on learning.  Today was an exception.  We reached that moment in the book where there was a unit test.  I didn’t tell her it was a test but the girl figured it out.  I reassured her it was no big deal and she finished it and did great. 



She missed 2 questions and then was able to go back and correct them.  So she got an 96 before she corrected the questions.  I am very proud of her.  It also helps me to see that she is learning and getting the concepts. 

So do you do grades in school?  Do you focus on them?  I am curious on what every one else handles this situation. 

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