Friday, December 28, 2012

Homeschool Planner

I depend on this homeschool planner from Homeschool creations.  I have it downloaded to my computer and my tablet.  It has helped me greatly at keeping up with what we need to do in school and help me see where we are going.  If you are looking for a digital planner then this is one that you need to check out. 

having a sale on the Weekly Homeschool Planner from Thursday, December 27th - Monday, December 31st.

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Weekly Homeschool<br />Planner

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Student of the Month

November was Mickey’s month.  She received two Student of the month awards in November.  We are quite proud of our girl.  It was also nice to see her thriving in her other environments. 

She was the student of the month in her dance class.  They did a write up on her which you can see here.  I love this quote “Mikaylin has impressed us at Michele's Dance Academy with her happy attitude and enjoyment of the other children in class.”  That one sentence makes this momma a very happy and proud momma.   

Mickey also received the student of the month in her Awana class.  This is the first time that they did this and came as a surprise.  Mickey got a little Sparky pin that she was able to pin to her Awana vest.  She is very proud of that Sparky.  In other news about Awana, she finished her book for year 2.  I was surprised how fast she finished it.  She picks up things very easily when she has a song to sing.  So singing her verses is something that comes fairly easy for her.  Now she is going back and review her verses and then get into the extra credit book next semester.