Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fire Station Visit

We have been wanting to join the local homeschool group for some time but scheduling has not worked out.  The visit to the Fire Station was our first visit with them.  We had a blast.  Well except for Nate.  Mickey was excited to be with other kiddos her age. 

We went to Fire Station #6 with Crew C.  They told us that they were the best crew and station in the city and really in the whole world.  They also told us that their favorite treat was ice cream.  The kids got a kick out of that. 


Showing the kids the hoses on the truck.


Getting some hands on experience.  (the face is colored out because I don’t know that young girl or her momma)


Pulling out the truck to turn on the siren.  I just knew that Nate would love it but he was too sick to care.  Mickey did okay with the noise.  I think that it was because she was warned. 


The obligatory picture of the kids next to the fire truck. I don’t think that I was getting a happy pic from my little guy. 

If I had known he was sick we would not have gone.  I am hoping that since he didn’t interact with anyone and stayed in his stroller that he didn’t get anyone else sick. 

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