Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Days

We live in the desert so we don’t get much snow.  I grew up in an area that had more snow that we get now.  Today, they are experiencing a snow day.  I remember as a kid waiting to hear if school would be cancelled.  Now being a home schooling family we don’t have that same anticipation for school being cancelled.  But since snow is so rare we go out and enjoy it.  Even if it is barely nothing.  My husband grew up in Denver and they had snow.  So much more snow than I can even imagine. 

In the beginning of January we had a snow day.  We got out and enjoyed it.  The kids played and I took pictures to prove that someday that they did enjoy the snow. 



As you can see there is not that much snow to talk about.  But at least Mickey got to build a little, tiny snowman. Stuff childhood memories are made of. 

Head over to my family blog to see more snow fun pictures. 

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