Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rods and Math

Mickey loves math.  We have had these Cuisenaire Rods from kindergarten last year that I figured she would love to use. She needed some help in mastering the addition concepts. So I searched for addition worksheets that she could use the rods, since it was a hands on activity.  Hands on activities is something that she thoroughly enjoys.  I found one site that I thought would work.  But the rod size that was printed out was completely different than the ones she used and this bothered my little girl.  So what does this momma do?  She makes her own. 


The real test is when I gave them to Mickey today.  She loved them.  I laminated mine so that she could use a marker (which she loves) and that we could use them over and over again.  She gave me a thumbs up.

Math-rods-working Math-rods-2

I figured since all the hard work is done I would offer them to you so that your kids can have fun with these worksheets.  Hope you can enjoy them. 


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  1. I love your worksheets but I am unable to download them. Would you be willing to share them? Karen