Friday, April 12, 2013

Conference Time


I am going to a homeschool conference soon.  I am so looking forward to it.  I realize that this year I am in need to some refreshing.  Some encouragement to continue on the journey.  I have no doubt that we will continue homeschooling next year.  I have even have most of our curriculum picked out.  Mainly because we will continue using most of what we are already using.

Things to remember when attending a conference

  • Wear good walking shoes.
    • Those pretty shoes that look good but hurt your feet are not the ones to wear.  Wear something that you can be in all day and still feel good. 
  • An Open Heart
      • To the messages that the speakers have spent time preparing.
      • To new people that you meet.  You might just meet a friend a there. 
  • Something to write notes with. 
    • A spiral notebook, a legal pad and some pens.
    • A tablet like the iPad or android if you feel like you can take notes on this.
  • A bag. 
    • Whether this is a bag, a backpack or a big purse.  You will get a lot of papers and catalogs and you will need something to carry them.  Not to mention the stuff you pick up from the exhibit hall. 
  • A plan for the Exhibit Hall.
    • Know what you have before you go in there.  It can feel for homeschool moms like a kid in a candy store. 
      • I tell my hubby what I need before we head up there.  I have him scope out the place and tell me what he has seen before I go in there.
    • Know what you need or are looking for. 
      • I think some of the conventions have a list of who is going to be there.  This is good to check out beforehand to see what they offer and what you might want to check out while you are there. 
      • It is also good to know what their normal prices are so you know if you are getting a good deal or not. 
  • Talk to other parents
    • I met a lady last year that was a seasoned homeschooler.  I stopped and asked her opinion on curriculum that she was picking up.  She gave me her honest opinion and it helped me make a wise decision. 
    • No matter where you are on your homeschool journey there will be someone to encourage while you are there. 

Each year I am looking for something different at the homeschool conference I am attending.  The first year it was “What in the world am I doing?!”  The second year it was looking to fill missing parts of our curriculum. 

This year it is for encouragement and to see if there is a way to make art time a consistent part of our week.  I am also looking how I should begin schooling my little boy.  I am also looking for encouragement through the seminars.  I am also looking to see how I can encourage those that I meet.  I am no longer the lost one.  I know a little bit more of what is going on as far as homeschooling.  So those are my goals.