Sunday, May 5, 2013

She Is Beginning to Soar

Anxiety has been a constant companion for my daughter.  I can tell her that it is not worth the worry but that doesn’t always help. Her battle with anxiety is something is a part of her.  I think that some of it stems from her Sensory Processing Disorder and some of it comes from who she is. 

My daughter has always been a person that had to KNOW that she was going to be good at something before she even tried.  When I had her in preschool, she stopped doodling and coloring because she didn’t think that she could do it right.  Once I pulled her out of preschool it took a LONG time before she would begin coloring or writing again. 

Mickey is super confident when it comes to math and science.  She enjoys learning about the different states.  Reading is something that in her mind she sets herself up to fail.  I as her teacher and mother know that she is capable.  I have seen her growth and I know where her weaknesses are.  This doesn’t really matter when she is faced with a new reading assignment she decides that she can’t do it and she begins to shake and worry and set herself up for failure.

I know how she is feeling I have a tendency to do that very same thing when I don’t believe I can do it.  I have a Heavenly Father who is right there with me telling me that I can do things.  He is also there to walk me through it when I haven’t learned the lesson.  I have to learn to continually trust and believe him. 

This week after I began to get extremely frustrated.  I started doing something with my girl.  I have had her repeat truths about herself and her capabilities before we start reading. 

  • I am SMART
  • I can READ
  • I can do this
  • Mom is not going to give me anything that I cannot do.

Amazing how this has changed her reading time.  She is not shaking or fearful of getting a word wrong.  There are still words that she doesn’t know but she is now able to calmly sound out the word.  Her anxiety can get the best of her but now that she is reminded that she CAN do what I am asking her to do.  She is beginning to soar. 

An exciting thing is that she now beginning to leave notes for me around the house.  She is becoming confident in her writing.  This has been a long road and we are finally seeing the fruits of our hard work.  I think that writing letters to the tooth fairy helped.  She has been losing lots of teeth lately.   

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