Monday, June 24, 2013

Importance of One on One Time

I have two children.  In our family I am the parent that is often home alone with the children because my loving hubby is on the road providing for his family.  So getting one on time with my kids doesn’t happen.  I get plenty of time with my kids but sometimes the one on one time is difficult. 

We were up visiting Grandma while my girl went off to zoo camp during the afternoons.  This left my son and 4 afternoons of one on one time.  We loved it.  We went to the zoo and aquarium, saw some dinosaurs and hung out at home.  I loved it.  I have had a lot of of time with my girl because she was the only child for 4 1/2 years.  So it was refreshing to have some of that with my son. 

I found as much as I needed to have that time that my son also needed that time.  He needed to know that he was important.  He also got to determined the schedule of what we were doing.  He didn’t have to wait on big sister he was running the show. 


At the aquarium as I imagine him talking with the sting ray.


Swimming at the Aquarium


There is nothing as much fun as pretending to be a dinosaur.


I can just hear Nate coming up with a plan to go climb that T-Rex


Being the King and asking for a train ride


Being perfectly content to ride the train.  Made his day and his week.

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