Monday, August 5, 2013

Curriculum 2013-2014

2nd Grade

We started school last week.  We are taking it slow and getting into our full schedule.

We are continuing on with McRuffy Phonics and Reading Curriculum.  We have enjoyed it for the last 2 years. This program has done a good job at teaching phonics to my daughter.  I also like the readers that come with the program.  They are silly and have fun characters that keep the attention of my girl.  I like how each reader focus on the phonics skill that we are learning for the week. 

We will also supplement with Reading Eggs.  This has fun maps with games that teach and reinforce phonics skills.  It is a good supplement on those days that we just need something different.  This will be our second year with it.  After she finishes all the maps on reading eggs she can continue on with reading eggspress. 

This year we are changing programs from McRuffy to Math-U-See.  We have already started this program and my girl loves it.  It is very hands on and teaches to understanding.  You move one when the child is ready and shows understanding.  There is also a dvd that teaches to the child the concepts.  I like that it uses different ways to engage the child.  You hear it, you write it, you do it. So far it has been a success in our house. 

We are continuing on with Real Science 4 KidsFocus On Elementary Physics Book Bundle I like the pace of this science program.  There are experiments that go along with the chapters and concepts.  We will finish up biology and then go on to Physics.  I hope that we can get to the astronomy books in January.  Science is probably Mickey’s favorite subject. 

We will also learn about different animals based on what her younger brother is doing.  This will probably be unit studies that I can either find or put together. 


This year we will move on from learning the states to learning about countries.  I have ordered Little Passports the World Edition.  Each month your child is mailed a package about a particular country.  We are using this as our jumping off point and using unity studies to learn more about the countries. 


This year we are trying out Mike’s Inspiration Station.  I think that this will be something fun to do as we finish the week.  We will also be doing some art projects that go along with her brother’s art projects.  I hope we can make art more of a priority than we did last year. 


My boy is 3 this year.  So we are just introducing school this year.  He sits at the table with us during school so this will give him some things to do. 

I bought a box curriculum that is meant to do in a month, from Mother Goose Time.  We bought the A to Zoo animals.  We are already enjoying it.  We will pick a couple of these boxes throughout the year.  Since we are doing a lesson a day instead we are going more slowly and focusing on an animal a week it will take us longer to get through.  We may do two animals a week depending on how it goes.  I am really following my little guy’s lead here.  We will be learning the letters, numbers and colors.  

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