Monday, September 30, 2013

October Calendar

Can you believe it is already October??  I can’t.  I haven’t been blogging to much lately, but I promise I will get back into the swing of things. 

We have been busy here.  We have joined up with a homeschooling coop.  I was not really sure about the whole thing but my girl really wanted to go. So we are making it work.  I think that it is worth it.  In school we have been having fun studying different countries.  Right now we are currently studying Japan.  I LOVE IT.  I will be writing a post for that one soon.  I promise. 

But right now I really want to get you October’s calendar.  We have enjoyed using it in our daily class.  Mickey colors the days that we have been in school.  It has been really helpful. 


October 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Calendar

How can it be September already? We have been using our monthly calendar to keep track of the days that we are in school.  As she works on her numbers and the dates she then colors the box of the days that we do school.  I love seeing all the days colored in.  If you haven’t downloaded the month pdf file you can download the September file here or click on the picture below.  If you would like to download August through December calendars you can do so here.september 2013 

The weekly planner is also available if you would like to your child to keep a list of all the daily work that they have to finish.  This has worked wonders for us since she knows at the beginning of everyday what she needs to do.  We are not having the “how much more do we have to do” questions.  She knows exactly what is expected out of her and it has been a great tool for our homeschool day.  If you would like to download it you can do so here or on the picture below. 

  Weekly planner Mon Tues Wed