Thursday, October 31, 2013

My little ones

We worked hard on the costumes this year.  Nate was supposed to be Spiderman but like 3 years old like to do he refused to put on his costume.  No worries, I know that he will get plenty of wear with his outfit just not tonight. 

So Nate wore his Tiger shirt from last year.  I decorated his face and he proudly named himself the “Honey Badger”.  Who was I to argue with him. 

Mickey’s favorite show is “My Little Ponies”.  This fall they came out with Equestria girls where the ponies turned into her girls in another world.  So Mickey and I created her Princess Twilight Sparkle.  We even painted her hair purple.  I love that she took on her character and enjoyed every minute of her dress up game. 

fall festival collage1

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