Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Park and Parade Day

On Saturday was Mickey was in a parade with her dance class.  She had a blast.  Nate had a blast playing on the playground and watching the parade.  It was a good day although it was really busy.


He was having a blast climbing.


This time he is not only climbing but growling like a dinosaur.  There was an older boy about 12 years old there that was fascinated about Nate’s sounds.  He kept saying that was amazing!


Being adventurous going down the slide.


Just running and having fun.


A little hanging thrown in for good measure.


I just love his smile and pure enjoyment of the moment.


Waiting with Daddy for the parade


Where is “Sister?”


There she is!

close up

The moment when she sees us!  Love her face!!


Mickey did a lot of this during her ride in the parade. 

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