Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New School Room

We have been in several places to do school in our home.  It really has been what works for us at that particular time in our life.  We have been doing school on our kitchen table which is connected to our living room.  Which means that our school has overtaken our life in our house.  School stuff is everywhere and that means that we are constantly clearing stuff off so we can eat meals. 

Our office has been a wreck.  It has been the storage area for all those things that we are just not using anymore right now.  So over Christmas/New Year’s break Jeff tackled the office and removed everything in there so that I can make a school room out of it.  I knew that it was time to move back in there but I was nervous. 

new school room

We have been having fun in our new room. We all have our own space.  I am in the middle so I can be near both children and work one on one with them.  There is also a little table for messy projects like play-doh.  There are school room only activities for the little guy to play with that will help keep his attention during those times when I need to have some focus time with Mickey. 

I think that this a good move for our school times and make the rest of the house a little bit neater not being over taken by all stuff school.

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