Monday, February 10, 2014


When I was beginning to homeschool Mickey in preschool I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. She was almost 4 by the time I actually started with her.  I did not know about how many resources there were at my fingertips on the internet. So I bought a boxed curriculum and used it and was satisfied. 

Now I am starting with Nate.  He is barely 3 1/2.  He sometimes likes to be included in school and sometimes would rather we not interrupt his play.  I view it as he is 3 and the boy needs his play and he learns through play.  So I am okay with where he is.  We will have plenty of time to “do school” in the years to come. 

Now on the days that he wants to be included I need something that will be fun and encourage learning.  He LOVES to have his “schoolwork” to show his daddy.  I found Alphabet Lap~n~Note from Homeschool Share.  There are small activities for little ones to learn the letter and glue and color pictures of items that begin with that letter.  Sometimes there is a finger play included.  Nate has loved these activities.  They are short and sweet and great for his short attention span.  He is also very proud of his work.

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