Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sick Days

In my house if the kids are sick we take a sick day.  What to do when Mom is sick or just not feeling well?  It depends on how I am feeling bad and what we need to do.  Today is a day that I am feeling not so good.  I had a rough night and it is hard to focus.  But I am not feeling so bad that we can’t get a few things done.  So today we compromised. 

Today, we took school to the living room.  Mickey brought her school books.  Nate brought his toys.  Momma showed up.  We did not get a lot of stuff done today. Mickey did not do a lot of school work today but she did what she could.  I was nearby to answer questions and something was done. 

I think that we need to remember that it is okay to take things slow.  If I was feeling worse then we would not have done school and that is okay. 

There are days that we take things slow and allow our children to step up and do things that they may not normally do. My girl usually makes her own lunch.  I am so thankful that she does this as it helps me feel like I am not making a meal every time I turn around.  My son is 3 so him making his own meal is just not going to happen.  Today, my daughter helped my son make his sandwich for lunch.  She did this willingly and lovingly.  She did not have to do this but she did this because she knew her momma was having a rough day.

Some days that is what educating my children is all about.  My children are taught to love each member of the family.  That will look different depending on the day.  Today, it was about a sandwich. 

I am learning that the thing about homeschooling is that it is much bigger than the textbooks.  It is about taking care of each other and loving one another. 

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