Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take Time to Recharge

RECHARGE IMAGEThere are a lot of demands on us as a parent and a homeschooling teacher. We are on duty 24 hours a day.  If you take sick day, (like I had to last week) you are still a parent. There are little ones to take care of, meals to make, activities to drive to and houses to clean.  There is a lot on our plate and more so if your spouse is working a lot of hours or like mine on the road half of the month.  I know that there are some good weeks and some not so good weeks.  There are weeks that I make it to the end and wonder why can’t every week be as easy as that one? 

I am a firm believer that we must take time out of the week or even day to give us some breathing room and to recharge.  If we don’t we will not be at our best nor giving our best to our loved ones.  It is so hard to take time for ourselves and really focus on our needs.  I know that I am guilty of not taking that much needed time to breath. 

How do you recharge?  Here are some ideas to give you some ways to recharge. 

  • Take a few hours and head out of the house when your spouse is home to take care of the kids.
    • Go to the park and read a book that is not for school.
    • Wander around the mall and window shop
    • Go and get your hair cut.  (When was the last time you made that appointment? 
  • Spend time in God’s Word
    • Whether it is a few minutes throughout the day or a dedicated time at the beginning or ending of the day.  His word will refresh your soul.
  • Do something that you enjoy at night when the kids are asleep. 
    • I put my kids to bed early… because they are still young and because I need that quiet time. 
    • I read
    • I play games on my phone
    • I work on my photography
    • Watch that show that I dvr’d weeks ago.
  • Call a friend
    • Take time to talk to that friend or make lunch plans and go out and eat (with or without your kids)
    • Just taking timeout and connecting to someone often helps us to carry on.

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