Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heart Changing Journey

This year I will be teaching my daughter who is in the 4th grade and my son who will be starting kindergarten officially. When I think about starting kindergarten with my son I remember when I was so afraid that I would mess up with my daughter. I didn’t know how to teach phonics and I had no clue on how my day was supposed to look.  I remember asking over and over again “what curriculum do I use” when I found those other homeschool moms.  I would get frustrated when they did not tell me you need to be doing x, y and z.  I was so unsure of myself and often second guess myself and this journey were about to begin. How things have changed. 

I now understand that people couldn’t tell me to use x,y and z curriculum because every family and every child is different.  I now laugh when people ask me if there is curriculum that I can buy.  There are loads of different types of curriculum and once you open the doors to your search the main problem will not be if there is curriculum but narrowing down the curriculum. This journey to homeschool is not just for my daughter or just for my son but for us as a family. It is what works best for our family.  There are a list of reasons why we have chosen to homeschool and those reasons are not everyone’s reasons. I have friends that have their kids in public school and private school and I respect their decisions because that is what works for their children and their families. I know and believe firmly that this is not something that we are doing just for kindergarten as I said when I first started out.  This is something that we are doing for the long journey.

I don’t have it all together and I still have lots of questions. What I do have now is a community that I can go to ask questions. There is the local community that we talk to and hope to more involved with this year. There is also the online community that I read their blogs and follow their adventures on Facebook.  There is also Facebook groups that I can ask a question and get lots of answers back in a  heartbeat. 

I can see now how the Lord has truly changed my heart. Where I was once fearful; I am now confident and excited about the journey. 

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